20 YR Reunion Survey

Thank you for taking the time to give us some feed back and to share your thoughts with the planning committee.  As you may know, Brooke Barlow Lewis and Jeff Lewis have graciously accepted the invitation to plan the 30 Year Class Reunion.  We would love to give them some ideas so our next reunion is even better.

So.... tell us what you think. 

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1)   If you attended the Family Picnic at Nicholls Park, what did you enjoy? What aspects of the picnic should be repeated? How could the event be improved?

2)   Did you enjoy the Alumni Movie Activity? Would you like to see some sort of an Alumni Only Activity held in the future?

3)   Did you enjoy the Family 5k Fun Run / Walk or the Golf Event? Would you like to see these activites in the future? Is there a different type of activity you would like to see held? How can we make these events even more successful?

4)   Tell us about the Saturday night event at DHS. Besides the heat in the building (out of our control), what could we do to improve the event?

5)   At the Saturday night event, did you enjoy the food, slide show, and program? How could we make the event better in the future?

6)   What are your thoughts about the cost / value of the reunion? Did you feel the $30.00 ticket price that covered all the reunion events was a good value? Would you rather pay a higher ticket price in the future for a more formal event? Did the $30.00 price exclude you from participating?

7)   Any other thoughts about reunion?

8)   Would you be willing to assist Brooke and Jeff Lewis in planning or executing the 30 year reunion?

Yes No
9)   If you did NOT attend the reunion, what were you reasons for not attending? Too far? No desire to attend? Scheduling Conflict? You didn't know about it?